Use Your Voice.

Ignite Your Soul.

If you're looking to go to the next level in your life or your business,
you are in the RIGHT place.

Ever felt like you have more inside of you for the world to see & hear, as well as a deep yearning to align your passions with your purpose?  To use your voice as a speaker, podcaster or entrepreneur
and make a difference in a way that TRULY reflects YOU?

Let's dig deep, shift your mindset and take the leap,
TOGETHER, anything is possible.


I'm a soul coach, speaker and host of the podcast Hard Beautiful Journey.

I teach women how to reconnect
with their soul and Use Their Voice
to spread their message.



What I  Do


We all have a story, but sometimes we need a little help uncovering it.  We'll dig deep and discover your own personal message -- and then I'll teach you how to share it with the world.  One messy message at a time.

Learn how to:
- Get past blocks in your life that may be holding you back from experiencing real joy and happiness.
- Become the best version of yourself.
- Discover your soul's true purpose.
- Finally, accomplish the dreams you set out to
- Align your passions with your purpose



You're speaking to my soul!

I started my own podcast!  I never thought I would say those words but here we are.....and I LOVE IT!  My podcast is called Hard Beautiful Journey and it's ignited a passion in me I didn't know existed.  I love sharing my own stories and also love interviewing others to hear theirs. 

And I can teach you to do the same!  Take the leap and get ready to launch your very own podcast.  Kick imposter syndrome to the curb and USE YOUR VOICE to make a positive impact on the world.  This course is jammed packed with everything you need from start to finish. 

- What kind of podcast to start
- How to use your voice to reach your ideal audience
- How to entertain, inform and educate your listeners
- The technical side of getting your podcast up and running
- How to shift your mindset and unblock what's getting in your way

I need this course pronto!

Public those two words make your armpits instantly sweat?
Or do you feel like passing out from the nerves? Yep, I’ve been there!!
After my first “speech”.....over Zoom....I crawled up the stairs to my bedroom and passed out cold for two hours - the adrenaline crash is real.  

But guess what want to do it OVER and OVER again!  When you realize that the message you want to share is so important, the nerves don’t seem to matter anymore.  

You are meant to USE YOUR VOICE, to share your message.

I am a certified WOMAN SPEAK Circle Leader and am ready to welcome you into my circle!  In my circle I will support you in clarifying and owning the value of your ideas. I will teach you how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations and communications that move, impact and influence your listeners. I can help transform fear, doubt and resistance to sharing your voice into natural confidence and charisma. And I’ll always provide a very supportive, celebratory and fun environment!!

And.....I’m also available for speaking opportunities. Please see here for my speaker profile.  

I'm ready to shine, tell me more!

It only takes one VOICE,
at the right pitch,
to start an avalanche.

- Dianna Hardy

Hard Beautiful Journey Podcast

I'm REAL.   I'm RAW.  And I don't hold back.  Nothing is off-limits.
Mental health, marriage, divorce, infertility, parenting, spirituality and soul journey work -- you name it, we'll talk about it as I take you along on my Hard Beautiful Journey.


Top  Resources


If you think my podcast is a must-listen, head over to the blog to get all the juicy deets on my family, business ventures, and SO much more.

We'll laugh, we'll cry, and I may even drop the odd
F-bomb or two - you won't want to miss a moment!

There's no better time than now.  You're ready to launch your own podcast, but where the heck do you even start?

Don't worry my friend -- I've got you covered with my FREE downloadable podcast checklist.

Learn the exact steps that I follow to take my podcast from idea to published content -- ready for the world to hear!


yes please!

Ready!  Take me there.


Ready to share your own hard beautiful journey?  There's no better time to spread your wings and connect with the world through the power of storytelling.

Remember, your mess is your message --
let me help you find it.