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I'm an ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream.  I believe that everyone has a voice that should be shared with the world and I'm here to inspire and coach you to.....

I'm Tiffany Vaughan, but you can call me....

Use your voice.


Ignite your soul.

My story really began the moment I finally figured out my purpose.

"You're not supposed to be here."

I have been hearing those words in my head for the past 5 years or so (maybe even longer).  

I had a complete mental break down while going to school to become an accountant and I blamed it on the stress of taking the endless courses.  

I had no idea at the time that it was because I wasn't doing what my soul wanted me to do, that there was something much BIGGER and more important for me to do than crunch numbers every day.

Well almost 20 years later, I'm a professional accountant and proud of the achievement of completing that very rigorous program.

it almost broke me.

I went to school to become a professional accountant.  Growing up, to me success looked like the corner office and making the big bucks.  Someone once told me in high school that accountants make good money.  I aced all my high school accounting classes...so that was it, I should be an accountant...right?!  


I hit this really Pivotal moment where i wanted to give up, but I didn't.  
I kept going

In the summer of 2018 I found myself hiding behind the clothes in my closet.  I was hiding so my kids couldn't find me, but it was also where I thought of ending it all.  You can hear all about it on my podcast Episode 36 "Your Mess Is Your Message".

One day I realized, this is my soul journey - this was all supposed to happen....so I can help others that come into my life.

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I started owning my own story...

By owning my story, and accepting it for what it was, a gift, I was able to turn my focus to that of serving others.  And let me tell ya, when I made that mindset shift....the universe responded in so many amazing ways.

It was once I started talking, and using my voice, that I felt my soul wake up from a very deep sleep.  It was this awakening, that helped me realize that my MESS WAS MY MESSAGE - and that others will have their own messes as well.

My Family


It's my mission to help others talk about their messes and use their voice.

To feel empowered and confident again, and to know that their story matters.

My Favorite 

If you've met me even once you'll know what one of my MOST favourite things in the world is, and quite honestly, I don't understand humans that don't like it....COFFEE!!  From the first sip at 12 years old I fell in deep, deep love. 

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all about


Being real,
being kind,
serving people, 
helping you find
your superpower.


not about

bandaid fixes,
reactive mode,
unkind actions,
that hustle game.


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I've created this safe space for me and you - to use our VOICES and share our stories.

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"If we were to describe you to somebody who didn't know you, they couldn't possibly think we were describing just one person.

You are a detail-oriented number-crunching accountant, yet one of the most creative people we know. 

You are mild-mannered yet BOLD.  On one hand you are extremely practical, on the other you are an incredible dreamer. 

You are introverted yet extroverted.  You are competitive, but oh so cooperative.  You are quiet and unassuming but stubborn and ambitious at the same time.  You are serious but also seriously fun!

What is not enigmatic about you is the way you approach life and love.  You are the opposite of "half-assed".  You live and love fully and completely.  You put your all into everything you love.  You are always ALL IN and we love you!

"tiffany, you are an amazing enigma...."

Jodi & Jordan

Hey I'm 

Speed readin', coffee drinkin' professional napper who loves humans that are KIND to each other.  I'm also obsessed with helping people find their voice and use it to share their stories...because every story matters.


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