Hey there friend!

I'm Tiffany - a Soul Coach who is passionate about helping women explore their spiritual awakening and tune into their divine purpose for being here.

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Hey there friend!

Hey there friend!

"You're not supposed to be here."  
I have been hearing those words in my head for the past 5 years or so
(maybe even longer). 
I went to school for 10 LONG years to become a professional accountant.
I cried every single day I went to school, I hated every minute of it.
But I'm a stubborn mule and kept going until I completed my CPA designation.

My story really began the moment
I finally figured out my purpose.

I had a complete mental breakdown in the last couple years of the program. 
I blamed it on the stress of the more difficult courses I was taking. 
Now I know it was because I wasn't doing what my soul was meant to do, that there was something
BIGGER and more beautiful for me to do than crunch numbers all day.

Then...one day, it felt like my soul woke up from a very deep sleep.  
I finally understood this is my soul plan and it was all supposed to happen. 
To become a guide for others that experience the same things I have gone through. 

It Almost Broke Me

It Almost Broke Me

It Almost Broke Me

To be a source of connection and light.

There have been many hard beautiful moments that have led me to where I am today.
You can hear all about it on my podcast Episode 36
"Your Mess Is Your Message". 


never without

Book + hot cup of coffee (yum)

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Hawaiian sunsets on Kauai

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Country music & podcasts

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Me + naps = best for everyone ;)

Personality test

Enneagram 2w1 & some 2w3

Being real,
being kind,
serving people, 
and being grateful every single day.

I'm not about

bandaid fixes,
reactive mode,
unkind actions,

I'm all  about


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You could say I like to shop.  All kinds of shopping, except for clothes (yuck).  I am working on this but that would just be bad for my credit card.  And I like a mean pair of sweats...sooo.

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