Designing A Life You LOVE

Designing A Life I Love

What does designing a life you love look like? For me, it has looked like these three things.

Don’t Compromise Who You Are

I won’t compromise who I AM anymore. For so long I was pretending to be someone I’m not. And that was “an accountant, a business woman, etc”. Yes….I am a professional accountant and am proud of how well I’ve done in this area – but I do not find joy and satisfaction from this title or these roles. I find more satisfaction from working with the people in the organizations I’ve been a part of. Talking to them and finding out what brings them joy and satisfaction.

It was a couple of years ago when I realized that I have been coaching people most of my career and didn’t even realize it. When I look back on the MANY conversations I have had with co-workers, the ones that stand out the most were not about what was happening in the company, it was what was going on in their lives and how I helped them navigate some life circumstances.

In what way could you be compromising who you really are?

Be Proud of Your Truth

My truth is that I am 10000% ok with my spirituality and how it has made my life so frickin’ beautiful in the last couple of years. And to be clear, I am not talking about my religion, which is Catholic. I do still value my religion greatly. But what I am talking about is knowing there is more to our existence than the here and now. I love how I now understand there is an infinite amount of love surrounding us all the time and if we trust and believe, we will receive all that we desire.

What is one of your truths that you can be more proud of?

Knowing When Something Isn’t Working and Move On

Have I ever told you I’m a stubborn mule? No? Well, I am. So giving up on things, or admitting when something is not to my best and highest self, is not easy for me. I’m a fixer and want everyone to be happy, to the expense of my own happiness sometimes.

Lately, I have begun to realize how short life really is. I am the only one who can say it’s time to move on. What I know now is that whatever my path looks like, I will be supported and guided by my soul peeps and God. How can I be worried with them watching my back?

Do you have something you’re ready to move on from?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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March 11, 2022

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