What Is Interoception?

On this episode of Hard Beautiful Journey, I welcome my friend Erica Kronstal who is an Occupational Therapist with Stepping Stones Occupational Therapy for Children. Erica walks us through her responsibilities as an OT and introduces the practice of Interoception.

Erica defines what Interoception is by noting that everyone has their own unique reactions towards internal feelings. We also get into a few activities that can be done to help children with their emotions.

Our son Ryder has done a lot of work with Erica in the area of Interoception and I can say that it has been very beneficial for him to know how to communicate how his body is feeling.

“We always talk about sensory and emotional regulation for our body to feel calm and collected, and that’s the state we all want to be in.”

– Erica Kronstal

If you’d like to learn more about Interoception please be sure and check out Kelly Mahler and her incredible resources. Below are two of the videos that she has made that give more great insights.

Episode Timestamps:

[02:27] Introduction to Erica Krontal

[03:48] What is an Occupational Therapist

[07:11] What is Interoception

[09:47] Activities that helped Ryder with his feelings           

[11:11] Beating cancer

[12:49] Sensory and emotional regulation

[17:01] Advice for people starting to look into interoception

[21:26] Resources

[21:56] Connect with Erica

[27:55] Preschool Program

Connect with Erica and Kelly Mahler resources at:


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October 6, 2020

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