I’m Writing My First Book – Holy Smokes!

Writing My First Book

“Who am I to write a BOOK?! Who the heck would read it anyway?”

Those are just two of the many questions I peppered at myself whenever the idea of writing a book was dropped into my thoughts. The negative self talk was always present. It would be a lot of work, I don’t have time to do something like that. My story isn’t interesting enough. And on and on.

So I started a podcast instead. June 2020, the first episode of “Hard Beautiful Journey” was published! And the intent of the podcast was the same as a book. To tell my story and let others know they are not alone in their struggles.

That there is value in the struggle.

To check out my podcast you can hear at the link HERE or check out my podcast website for more information on all the episodes.

Even though I am now starting Season 4 and have over 50 episodes under my belt, the idea of writing a book hasn’t left my mind. So I am FINALLY listening to the nudges I have been receiving and doing this!

It’s so interesting how the Universe works. As soon as I made the decision to write my book, a woman on Instagram started following me not long after. Her bio description?

“Book Writing Coach.

I help intuitives write bestselling memoirs, fiction & self-help using chakra flow”.

Ummm, yes please! So we started messaging each other and then I had a discovery call with her to see if she would be a fit to help coach me through this process. And instantly, I knew she was who I wanted to work with on this project.

This beautiful soul….her name is Emily Maher. Please check out Emily HERE. I am so eternally grateful for the Universe bringing her into my life to help with my first book.

We have had two sessions so far and each one leaves me with full body goosebumps! Emily has a way of taking your ideas and painting a beautiful picture with words. We are working on the first section of the book right now and it’s going great 🙂

I’ll be updating my progress here on the Blog so come back often to see where I am at. I can’t WAIT for the book launch party at the end of this year – hopefully on my birthday which is December 10th.


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January 9, 2022

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