The Power Of Working With A Soul Coach

Power of Working with a Soul Coach

I was soooo honoured to have Bree-Anna Vincent on my podcast to talk about her work as a SOUL COACH. It is because of Bree-Anna that I have pursued my calling to be one as well and through this journey, I have found one of my dearest friends. And she’s from Australia! So guess where I am going to be vacationing one day in the future – yep, the land down under to go visit my beautiful friend.

I found out about Bree-Anna through a random struck of luck on Cathy Heller’s podcast. Out of the four being interviewed, I was only drawn to her, and it was through my research of her, I discovered the concept of soul coaching.

In this episode, Bree-Anna takes us on her journey of discovery that began with a dance injury at the age of 15 and later resurfaced on a family vacation in Bali. During her time in Bali, she had a burning desire to finally quit making excuses and pursue what she loved, soul coaching.

Bree-Anna details the seven levels of being, development, and thinking as well as strategies to follow on how to overcome feelings of unworthiness.

“When I had kids, it really highlighted to me that I was ignoring this part of me that I was born to do.”

– Bree-Anna Vincent

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[00:01:26] Introduction to Bree-Anna Vincent

[00:02:48] Made To Do This program

[00:05:37] Journey in coaching Tiffany

[00:07:42] Becoming a healer

[00:09:48] Discovering Soul Coaching

[00:11:36] Epiphany in Bali

[00:18:15] The 7 levels of being, development, and the way we think

[00:21:41] Connecting with the chakras

[00:22:26] Human behaviors

[00:24:07] Big believer of not boxing anyone in

[00:26:14] Overcoming feelings of unworthiness

[00:28:28] How to hear what’s not being said

[00:34:32] Bringing soul coaching to sports organizations

[00:36:08] MindFit

[00:40:30] Don’t expect to get it perfectly

[00:44:26] Teammates reflect from eachother

[00:47:46] Working with families with ADHD

[00:53:21] What lights your soul on fire?

Connect with Bree-Anna on Instagram at

Are you interested in being a soul coach and working with beautiful souls from around the world? Check out this link and join us.

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October 26, 2021

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